Winning Feedback

  • I have been more focused & have time bound targets; Can plan my weekly goals & calendar better; I Can attitude is further deeply feed in my mind; Team work & Win Win Practice have helped to achieve better results. All the tools are very useful. By using the wisdom tools I could able to complete the B/s successfully and Issues being resolved @ AL. Working on establishing a Mechanism to make our team understand & improve customers issues / expectations, a full time initiation to customer satisfaction survey. Started Direct On Line Packing to avoid delay in dispatches. Overall a Great program.
    Prakash M Valecha, MD, Prakash Technoplast
  • This program will make oneself realise of the potential that are has and simple tools that can result in better work management. Overall a Good program. Have become more organized; Improvement in personal life; Approach towards work has changed; More organized, focused; Have made team to be more involved and passionate. Activity management grid - resulted in better planning and it’s the best. Started managing time in better way resulting in Pending activities have gone down. Productivity is improved.
    Kunal Jain, Manager, Arvind Brands
  • This program is a self realizing. Now I am more confident and focusing on target. Able to manage time for most of the activities that I want to do. Changes in my attitude towards approaching people. My productivity increased from 30 to 80%.
    Uma Reddy, Managing Partner, SM Job Consultancy
  • Born to Win conducted Leadership training to the Top and Middle level managers. The program is well structured and totally interactive. The modules give simple insights to team building, open communication, motivation, relationships etc. The response from our colleagues have been positive and we trust that there could be takeaways for all in their personal and working life. We expect this may yield benefits to the organisation ( we are noticing some already!). The key to the success of the program also lies with program coordinator, I think. We hope to take a slightly different  program to the next level in the organisation and also maybe a refresher course in the time to come.
    GOPAL, Director - Sales TAKRAF India
  • I have become more positive, empathy, deal with humility and self belief and more enthused that “I Can”. Order in procurement has improved in regional and zonal office, focus on productivity is improved. Through expectations explicit I am making weekly meetings.
    V Hemachandra Babu, Managing Director, HMT
  • My Colleagues have noticed that I am more positive, confident & taking initiative in work areas wherever I have not tried so far. By efficient use of time & manpower my productivity and quality is increased.
    Suma L G, Manager, BEL
  • With the (BTW) wisdom tools, I am able to get good results from my task, develop positive attitude and in sink with my team; tremendously benefited with Time MGT. I am able to fine tune my system policies for better customer service both at sales & after sales.
    Venkatesh N Tatuskar, Managing Director, Adishakti Cars
  • Born to win program has increased my self esteem and confidence. I am more communicative, more relaxed & self assured. I am managing my time as I am strictly following the To Do Activity List and have implemented a system where following up is eliminated. Quality in output has increased & I am able to meet stringent demands of customers.
    GNV Subba Rao, Vice President, ABB
  • We had a rewarding experience with B2W. The program promoted working from a place of strength, working towards “win win” solutions, understanding the self and others, working with an openness to different perspectives, working with the belief we can achieve.  Above all, the program helped articulate SMART goals and showed us a way to achieving them. Their sessions on managing time vs. activities and on recognizing patterns have made a lasting impact and has changed the way I approach my work. Other than the promised deliverables, the program also delivered team bonding and birthed a new language of positive energy within the organization. We found the program so good that we invited every employee, including our support staff to attend and everyone participated with the same high we experienced. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending this program to any organization.  It is by far one of the best personal effectiveness program we have organized for our  company.
    Sudha Panchapakesan, HR – Head, Real Image Media Technologies
  • We had a rewarding experience with Born to Win. The program promoted working from a place of strength, working towards “win win” solutions, understanding the self and others, working with an openness to different perspectives, working with the belief we can achieve.  Above all, the program helped articulate SMART goals and showed us a way to achieving them. Their sessions on managing time vs. activities and on recognizing patterns have made a lasting impact and has changed the way I approach my work.
    Sudha Panchapakesan, HR - Head, Real Image Media Technologies
  • Born to Win has been a Roadmap to Success. There has been a lot of improvement in Teamwork and in the confidence levels. My wife has noticed that I have started to use time properly. I have stopped reading the same news in different newspapers and advanced the time at which I come to office and been able to allot time for useful things.
    M Ponnuswami, Managing Director, Pure Chemicals Co.
  • Fantastic! Realized lot of moment missed in my personal and professional life. Group gathering was very good. It has created good virtue in personal characters too. Really felt everyone should attempt Winning to Lead Program atleast once in life. Exercises given were mind blowing and very useful.
    Uvaraj A., CEO, Stanfab Apparels
  • Winning Edge has changed me from a better person to the best person. I have improved my attitude as well as my behaviour. I am planning each and every hour in a day through time management. This time management which i came to know was influenced to me by my facilitator.
    S Girish, Student
  • By the end of the first session, I learnt, what our facilitator taught us was not something new. She made us realize how to look at things in a different perspective!
    Adhiamaan A., Student, Sri. Sankara Vidyashramam
  • The Brainstorming and sharing idea which we got from the Inspire and Win session Now we helped us to achieve our target (my team) share our thoughts openly.
    Anthony Joseph, Lanson Toyota
  • Initially when i opened the Inspire and Win book which the facilitator gave us, i was confused to see all blank pages, but now after 4 weeks i feel so happy seeing that the book has all my dreams, goals, my feeling, my strengths, my affirmation.I have written every bit of my dream and i am going to work towards that.
    Mahesh, Lanson Toyota
  • An awareness of the aspects in me that can be improved, have tried to voluntarily solicit customer feedback wherever possible and have got good repeat business since. After attending Winning to Lead program I am able to synchronise our team, avoid conflicts & improve cohesion.
    Anand Srinivasan, IT Consultant at Oakdene
  • My thinking has improved; I am an I CAN person. My colleagues have also noticed the change soon after I started attending Winning to Lead program. I manage my time, set my time table better. Positive attitude has increased—whole world is supporting me. I am proud to be part of group of Winners.
    Gentleman Cadet Yashwant Singh Negi, Indian Military Academy
  • Winning to Lead was a very new kind of an experience for me - it was the first time I attended a process like this. It lets you think about your own creative energy and it is very different from the other training programs that exist. On an organizational level regarding Kris Cricket and my people, it was of great help. Since it ensures constant implementation of the learning, it is successful.
    Krish Srikkanth, Managing Director of, (Chairman, Indian Selection Committee)
  • After Winning to Lead Intervention my activities are carried out with customer satisfaction in my mind. I have prioritized my work and hence less time is wasted, I have set goals in my all aspects of life. I am able to do more after the module on time management. I am able to deliver Quality and Positive results.
    Henry Charles, Deputy Controller of Accounts and Costing at Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited
  • The Winning to Lead process has been about easy living and better performance of life. We now have our 5 years business plan and the groups feels good about our group dynamics. Due to group dynamics everyone is trying to pay more attention on productivity and trying for zero-defect.
    T N Thirukumar, MD of Janson Industries Limited
  • We ran the Winning to Lead process through our senior team and there it caught on like fire. The alignment of Attitude and Approach across the organisation has taken place. And therefore we have given a commitment to Born to Win that we have 2000 people and all the 2000 people will be exposed to one program of Born to Win.
    Mukund, MD of Igarashi Motors
  • We rolled out "Winning to Lead" program which was earlier extended to our staff category in the year 2011 and which is now being extended to our workmen also, in vernacular language, titled "Inspire & Win". We plan to cover our entire workforce in the next couple of years. I am sure these programs are bound to energise them and bring in lots of positive energy in the system.
    Anand Sundaresan, MD of Schwing Stetter
  • Through Winning to Lead session I got the ability to think and act in both bandwidths – as a team player as well as manager or leader, exceeded the expectations by taking the team to next level along with the organization. Started reaching out the common objectives and goals of our organization to the individuals and transforming it from ‘mine’ to ‘ours’ context. Inter-team relationship building, driving individual ownership and delegation among team members
    S. Saichithra, Assistant VP Technology at Bharat Matrimony
  • With the Winning to Lead program i was able to built a close knit team together and ensured that they enjoy their work
    Vishal Mundhra, Area Manager at Colgate Palmolive
  • Not getting tensed with the situation or reacting to it but trying to find a solution. Now after the Winning to Lead process I Listen more and allow others to complete their part during conversations.
    P. Prakash, Manager Finance at Grundfos
  • After undergoing this Winning to lead course, I have made use of the wisdom tools not only in my professional life but in my personal life as well. As Swami Vivekananda rightly said “All the powers are within you” and I empathetically believe that this program has brought out the powers within us and has given us high self-image and high self-esteem in our everyday life.
    P Dharuman, Post Master (India Post)
  • After the Winning to Lead process- my energy levels have been recharged, new areas for development have been identified and by looking beyond the obvious I am now able to find new ways of doing things most effectively. My boss, colleagues and others find me more approachable and this helps to make the interactions fruitful. This process has helped us to bring out synergy in the team, realize the untapped potential and the best use of it to reach greater heights.
    R S Shanmugam, CFO & Company Secretary at Sambandam Spinning Mills
  • The change among all the participants and converting Dreams to SMART goals has the best part of the Winning to Lead process. This is a “quadrant 4” and “must” process.
    V G Sakthi Kumar, COO at Schwing Stetter
  • I was able to prepare and present to the Team about the SMART Goals for the next cycle and next year. We were able to get a big order from the Orissa Government, identify a big source of institutional business from Gujarat and there has been better productivity from Rajasthan and Orissa. After this Winning to Lead process I am able to minimize time wasters, prepare and maintain ‘Must Do List’ routinely – The quality and output of work has definitely improved.
    K.G Sankar, GM Sales & Marketing at TTK Healthcare
  • With the Winning to Lead program i understood how to educate the team members to balance their personal and work life. Balancing work life and personal life by better planning and prioritizing
    Naganathan J, Manager Electric System at Vestas
  • I had been thinking that my job responsibility was to treat and take care of the sick, but after attending the Winning to Lead session, I had realized that i have a greater responsibility in the productivity of the company and what contribution i have to make and how to move forward
    Dr. T B Sailesh, Medical Officer at Wabco
  • After the second Winning to Lead session I have decided not to waste time and that I should be more conscious about this also I have started using ‘Baby Steps’ concept in all my activities
    Priya M from Sri Sankara Vidyashramam