‘Group Dynamics’ Feedback

“By using group dynamics & work delegation I was able to do the complete prospect of terminator. I have started speaking with empathy and explaining clearly what needs to be done to my subordinates.”
Vasanth S, Sales Manager, Caravan Oil Suppliers
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“Staff was low, where they were working at 50%, after implementing the group dynamics session learning, I saw their working come up to 90-95%.”
Suresh Jain, Goyam Ceramics
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“I am focusing on my strengths and I am more confident in making decisions. I have used group dynamics to motivate the team and the relationship between team members has improved. Explicit expectation has helped in making deliveries on time. Personally I am become more time wasting conscious.”
Anand Immanuel Jacob, IT Consultant, ITC
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“The Winning to Lead process has been about easy living and better performance of life. We now have our 5 years business plan and the groups feels good about our group dynamics. Due to group dynamics everyone is trying to pay more attention on productivity and trying for zero-defect.”
T N Thirukumar, Managing Director, Jansons Industries Limited
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“Born to Win is an experience to be shared by everyone and it is contagious. I am spending time with family more often and dividing tasks- work on weekly SMART Goals. The collective group is working on the goal.”
V Ramani, Director and CFO, Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited
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“To achieve 300 cr. we need to focus on achievable project with short deliveries this became evident in our group meetings. The group dynamics has shown the way, we focused on such a project and we succeeded.”
Gopal K., Director Sales, TAKRAF
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