A step by step approach to work on your goal


There are 10 steps that you can get to work on your goal. So, lets start-

Write down a start and a finish date, very clearly stating within so and so date I am going to complete working on this particular goal.

And then work backwards and figure out what are those baby steps that you need to do; what are the tasks that need to be done on the 9th, 8th, 7th step and so on…

But the important thing is start planning from the last step and start working on the first.  As work you your way backwards, you can find out how much time do you want to spend on achieving each of those steps.

To explain the fact better let’s take a stated example as: “I want to lose weight”.

So, let’s see in three months time I want to lose weight. Now work your way back, think what you need to do in every three days to make sure that you get to that particular goal, and decide the milestone that you will reach at the end of every week. So, you need to put down 10 simple baby steps that you need to do and this is what we call the 10 bites approach.

Each bite that you take must be something that you can accomplish with ease and that you enjoy doing. Next to that you can actually write down saying once I accomplish each of these bites what is the reward that I will give myself for having achieved this goal. How can I celebrate for what I have done in terms of achieving that particular bite?

Sometimes when you are working on one of those bites you may realize that it is important to further divide that bite into further bites. Don’t worry, that is perfectly alright because when you are working so far ahead in time there will be situations that you won’t be able to predict that this particular bite of mine will take a little longer that I calculated. But if you can keep this n bites in front of you and say here are the 10 small steps that I am going to take to accomplish a larger goal of mine you certainly and definitely go ahead and accomplish that goal of yours.

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