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dream to goal

Mostly people don’t set goals because they are scared to put the kind of effort that is required to achieve it but Goal Setting gives a tremendous amount of motivation in life. A goal will work automatically when there are specific, written goals making it very easy to work on. While setting goals, you need to be careful about a few of things.

  • Don’t set goals that are insignificant for motivating towards working on them.
  • Neither should you set goals that are so high that you will lose the motivation to work on it.

while setting a goal, it’s very important to be clear why the goal is important. A good strong emotional answer to that question will get all the motivation required to work on that goal. The goal may stretch you a little bit but it can be highly emotional rewarding to pursue it.

For example. If your goal is to lose weight, then why it is needed becomes an important question. Because if the answer is “I want to feel good, look good. People should say I am looking good” then it isn’t a great motivation. But if your answer is “I am going to lose weight because this way I can get out of all my all health-related issues.” Then this is a very strong emotional thought.

A lot of time I am asked this question that isn’t it more important to have a peak, or an arc concept towards a goal? But the point is even those goals need strong emotional anchor, and once you have strong emotional reasons to work on, those goals it will certainly work. When you have a nice, strong, solid goal; it signifies that the goal will actually come true.

Right now, what you could do is sit down and do three simple things-

  1. Figure out what is an important aspect of your life, which clearly make you feel terrific. It could be any aspect of your life.
  2. Set goals in those area. Start from an emotional perspective like ‘Why should I work on these goals? What will I feel like if were to achieve these goals?’
  3. Sit and pen down a few simple steps to work on that goal. For example, if you need to lose weight, you need to get up early and start going for a walk.

So, go ahead, set goals and take charge of life.

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