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    1. Sector – Manufacturing & Marketing          Location: Bengaluru
    2. No of employees:
    3. Challenges faced by them:

    A company that is making its presence felt in the manufacturing industry faces multiple challenges. They have a need to stay efficient and be competitive in terms of sales and production.

    As a growing brand, everyone of its employee is adding value to the vision and dream of the organization.  An MSME company needs its employees to be driven with organizational values, operating with an ownership Mindset in order to grow with the organization.

    Born to win – Program process for them

    Born to win team conducted their “Winning to LEAD” program with the team and were able to get the participants to shift their mindset towards the “I Can,  You Can , We Can” attitude.

    The experiential active learning sessions of Born to win provided them with tools that enable the individual and the team to plan their work accordingly and effectively utilize their time at the organization. As the program progressed, the action-driven model enables the participants find their voice and their goals as a part of the organization and channeling their energy into these activities.


    Born to Win process and tools are designed to add an element of positivity to everything that one does. With these tools the participants were able to define their goals and align them with the organization.

    In doing so, they adopted the” I can” approach, which helped them do things “More, faster and Better”. As a team they could break down their tasks into smaller chunks that helped them in their endeavors at work and also in the personal life as well. The tools from Born to Win helped everyone gain a deeper understanding of their roles and expectations as an individual, team and organization.

    Here are some of the experiences shared by few of the team members who was a part of this “Winning to LEAD” program.

    “Quality of work increased by doing proper time planning. Now I am having leadership qualities with motivational thoughts. Now I am an ‘I Can’ person with positive attitude towards difficulties, I am not facing any fear of failure as I overcome them by knowing myself image. By using the Born to Win tools, the quality of work has been improved and I can handle any situation.” – Engineer

    “I have started achieving my goals by breaking them into chunks and also have categorized my work. I have started seeing progress in achieving my long pending farmhouse and my time management has improved. I am actually achieving my weekly goals & making progress in long pending goals. I have included several modes of communication at my work, apart from the conventional means.” – Engineer

    Born to Win, A people transformative company fosters positivity and builds confidence of people through self-discovery, providing that push to manage challenges effectively and with ‘Can Do It’ Attitude, Better Prioritization and Collective Leadership Excellence.

    Here this manufacturing industry helped itself by helping its employees to imbibe the ownership for their work and work as a cohesive unit by being proactive and communicating effectively.

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