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The Bhagwat Gita enlightens us about three things of human life which are predominantly responsible for diverting humans from what they want in life. These three critical things in life are desire, greed and anger. Now the question arises how to ensure that you don’t slip, how do you know that you don’t move away from what you want in life?

You have to convert your desires into an achievable goal.

For a better approach to the context let us take a desire and convert it into a goal. Say you want to own a house next to the sea because you always wanted to stay next to the sea.

Now you start converting that into a goal detailing out the small details that you need to clarify to yourself before starting on with it.

1)You need to understand how big a house you desire, its location, your budget.

2) Now start adding details to these basic ideas: Like find out what kind of people are selling house next to the sea etc. So, let’s work on that and figure out saying here are couple of places where you can actually buy flats next to the sea and how much does it cost, then you put down saying how much money do you have.

3)Slowly you are now converting that desire of yours into a goal. Putting down few small simple steps and the start and end date for each of them.  Now you got a clear destination in your mind, you can start working towards it.

4)Now apply our 10-step approach towards realizing your goal discussed in our previous topic by which you can actually get to that particular destination of owning a house next to the sea by a certain point of time.

In the midst of all this the extensive need is to enjoy the process. Make sure you enjoy every day and every effort you put, of putting money together, of identifying the builder and enjoy that entire process, most importantly don’t get angry. Because this is not about greed or anger. So, enjoy the whole process and in all of this be a happy human being because that is what you are meant to do. That is what you are born for.


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