Individual Leadership Exploring Opportunities


1.Sector – Individual

2.No of employees:

3.Challenges faced by them:

Every Industry offers its share of challenges to an individual, be it the small-scale or the large-scale industries. But as an individual, one has a lot to of lessons to learn and grow.

Being proactive, looking for opportunities and making the most of them gives a boost to everyone’s career.  Born to win helps individuals find their strengths and inculcates an attitude that can amplify the possibilities one can achieve and build their future.

Emerging market conditions offer a great deal of new opportunities that we let go because of our fears and various other factors. Born to win came into the lives of various individuals and helped them become architects of their future.

4.Born to win – Program process for them

Born to Win conducted their “Winning to Lead” program to various individuals over a period of four weeks. With an approach that hinges mainly on retrospection, action and measurable results.

With activities that involved both the individual and at times in the group discuss and ponder on various aspects of their mindset, attitude and the power of the “I can” mode of thinking. The participants are enabled with tools that can effectively help them get clarity of their goals, work upon them in a manner that can be achieved in small bites or chunks.

A deeper understanding of their strengths and the way of tackling their fears come through with a lot of questionnaires, situational analysis and ice-breakers. The non-invasive methodology of the program slowly shifts the mindset of these individuals.

  1. Results:

As an individual attending the program the mindset shift takes place over a period of time, with Born To Win tools and goals sheets establishing a discipline and slowly helping them get out of their comfort zone and take challenges head on by focusing upon their strengths and handling their fears and shortcomings better.

Armed with the I can attitude, goal clarity and the habit of breaking down one’s tasks into manageable chunks, the confidence of the individuals can amplify.

Here are a few experiences shared by some of the people who attended the program:

Few people have the opportunity of getting coached by Ramseshu-ji directly and I am privileged. I had the pleasure of working with Ram- collaborating in BNI leadership trainings as well. Born to Win’s flagship programme- “I can to We can”, awakened my own potential, using 24 wisdom tools researched and time tested. Born to Win team, made sure our Saturday morning coaching were never without breakfast, coffee and the morning alarms. This coaching and the wisdom tools is an asset to one and all who are seeking excellence.

Entrepreneurs go through ups and downs. Before I took up the six weeks course at born to win, my business was kind of stable but always in a crunch. I didn’t see much of profit. However, the tools that I got from Born To Win, employing only a few of them in practice started showing good productivity instantly and in 6 months, it started showing tripled and pro increased manifold.

I think, for every team Born to Win tools are necessary to bring in productivity, success and happiness. Thank you Dipti Ram for all your patient and precise coaching to this 30+ years experienced entrepreneur and making a huge difference.

Born to Win, A people transformative company fosters positivity and builds confidence of people through self-discovery, providing that push to manage challenges effectively and with ‘Can Do It’ Attitude, Better Prioritization and Collective Leadership Excellence.

As an individual being involved with the program, gives a lot of confidence and the ability to move away from the comfort zone, be more organized at work by planning the work and also to work effectively in a team and as a team.

Thus essentially enabling them to the architects of their future

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