Inspire and Win

Every team needs a leader that can inspire them to push themselves and do the best. Born to win comes to the aid of First time leaders and managers in guiding them to find their way into leadership. Customized to suit the needs of the company, they are enabled to take over their new roles with the and much needed tools that can help them handle new and tough situations better. In due course, with the sessions that each of these managers attend, a mindset change from individual to the team focus is brought through with the aid of questionnaires, roleplay and discussions that impress upon them the change in dynamics with their new role.As a leader, inspiring one’s subordinates and co-workers by taking ownership, becomes a skill that can ward off fire-fighting and make managing people and their roles effectively.As with every Born to Win process, Inspire and Win is action driven, where the participant sets goals for himself and acts upon them with timely reviews. These activities help develop a positive mindset that focuses efforts that equip them with skill, confidence and tools that can aid their decision making that guides them to respond and offer solutions for crisis that occur in their tenures. The program is aimed at aiding the individual find balance in both professional and personal lives and Win by inspiring oneself and the team along with it. The leaders/ managers are enabled to find their focus in taking themselves and their team towards being the architects of their future. Inviting managers and first-time leaders to being future ready by enabling them with the experience of “Inspire and Win”.

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