Vision for a goal

vision goal

Here is a simple way that you can adopt to make sure that your goals are realised.  A systematic 10 way process is thereby suggested. At first you need to get to the start point and put down today’s date and time.

Tell yourself, “This is what I want to do today”. Likewise put an end date and confirm the date on which you want to complete the task. Now that you have got a start date and an end date, put down 9 different steps between today’s date and the end date. These 9 things you need to do in to make sure that the goal of yours will actually be achieved. Remind yourself the same everyday and each time you complete a step. Celebrate those small successes by treating yourself in your own unique way, which might a cup of coffee or an hour for yourself.

Let’s take any particular goal in your life. Let’s say you want to learn how to play guitar and say for a long time now you have wanted to play guitar. So if today’s date is the start date, then first step towards your vision should be enrolling yourself for a guitar class. And let us say the end date is 45days from today, you note down the date and time and promise saying, “I should be able to play three songs at the end of 45days from today.”

Now you have clearly got a start date and an end date, along with the task that you will do today along with the goal that you will reach 45days later. Also the 9 steps which will make you do simple things on each of those dates. So it’s a 10 stage process and on the 10th stage you will actually go ahead and achieve your goal. This is simple way of making sure that any goal that you set is something that you can work on, that you can focus on and you can get your goal. All you have to do is to hold your vision and trust the process. As said by Thomas Edison that, “Vision without execution is delusion.”

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