Work daily on your goal


Do you have a goal? And do you truly believe in it?If yes, then you should ensure that you work every day on your goal. A goal is not something that you can work on sporadically. You need to do this every day because, each day you will start achieving just that little bit; next day, a little more. Thus, with each day you actually start chipping more and more into your particular goal.

So, the question arises how do you work on your goal everyday?

To make it easier you can divide tasks into small parts and then it is smart to start off with the toughest aspect of your goal. Because, if you can complete what you think is the toughest aspect of your goal, the most difficult thing to do and then work on it; you will then motivate yourself by addressing that you are capable of perhaps the most difficult part of that particular goal.

Tracking progress is also very important because once you are getting on to that goal of yours, you need to keep tracking and figuring out how can you get what you want. So when you work on that goal work in a time that you believe that is best for yourself. You must schedule to a discipline; set a specific time, bind it with limits of time; say 6.30 to 7.00 in the morning and come what may don’t deviate from working on your goal in that time.

Tell the whole world that, this particular time is ‘My time’. This is the time that I am not going to give up or allow any distractions to happen. Some distractions, emergencies that will come your way while working on that particular time on your goal are unavoidable. But, keep track of them, figure out whether the interruption is person-based interruption or a process-based interruption. But never give up, crack out your ways, work around it and come back and work again on that particular goal. So, if your goal is to write, then you need to set aside a timeframe in which you can write every day.

With time your interest in achieving your goal; to attain and accomplish that goal will get diluted. But working on it each day keeps you motivated and inspired to keep going one day at a time.

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